Rehab Support Services

recovery supportive handsFor those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, sometimes it’s the rehab support services that come following the treatment which help them the most. Long after the addiction has been treated and the addict is no longer suffering from the physical or psychological elements of the addiction, the social elements and difficulty with environmental factors still remain.

Rehab support services include things like aftercare, job placement and counseling & therapy that continues long after an addict has walked out of a treatment program and has started to put his or her life back together.

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Most quality rehab programs, treatment programs and addiction specialty programs will offer patients with quality aftercare that is aimed at providing access to the continued care necessary to stay sober and reduce risk of relapse. Aftercare services will differ from one patient to the next and can also differ greatly from one facility to the next. Many patients will continue to receive aftercare services for a period of one year or more following their admittance into an inpatient treatment program while others may only require minimal services and may discontinue their use of aftercare services within just a few short weeks following addiction treatment.

Job Placement

Not all aftercare or rehab support services will include job placement—but they should! Studies show that those who receive adequate help with finding and getting placed into a place of employment stay sober longer simply because they are able to properly provide for themselves. In fact, many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs include education and job readiness courses that will help patients to gain new skills that will assist them in finding better employment when they do leave treatment. It’s better for an individual to have more job skills and be prepared to get an adequate job when he or she exits treatment than to go back into society with few skills, potentially a minimal education and an inability to find adequate work to provide for themselves.

Counseling & Therapy

Just like patients receive counseling and therapy while they are in treatment, long after rehab has been completed there is still a need for follow-up counseling and therapy, Rehab support services often include counseling and therapy that will assist with everything from continued support on past issues to guidance and instruction on the best ways of handling new problems or issues in life. Stress comes up even after addiction is no longer a problem in an individual’s life. Counseling & therapy can help.

Rehab support services are a patients best solution to staying sober long after the standard conditions of rehab and treatment have been completed. It’s like extended care for the individual to help him or her to stay on track, stay sober and remain drug or alcohol free for a prolonged period of time well past the standard time that those who do not receive such care are likely to remain abstinent.

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