Job Placement

job placement after drug rehabOne thing that many people do not take into consideration is the difficulty that a recovering addict may have in finding adequate work in order to successfully support him or herself. Job placement is one of many rehab support services that works to help addicts find work and take care of themselves after they have successfully completed an inpatient rehabilitation program or while they are under the supervision and care of an outpatient treatment plan.

Job placement is more than just helping an addict find a job, it’s about helping an addict fuel his or her full and lasting recovery by providing him or her with the tools necessary to actually support him or herself and stay on the right path.

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Thousands of people recover from drug or alcohol abuse only to realize that no matter how much they want to do well, how much they want to live on their own and how much they want to support themselves or pay their family members back—they simply can’t because they cannot find adequate employment. Finding work is difficult when you first get out of rehab—after all, most employers are hesitant to hire an individual who is a recovering addict and even more employers are hesitant to hire someone who has a criminal record (many addicts have felonies and other criminal records as a result of their behaviors while addicted to drugs or alcohol).

Job placement encompasses a number of helpful techniques provided by rehab support specialists including education, vocational rehabilitation, problem solving, training and other means of assistance for those who are fresh out of rehab and need work. In fact, by contacting the local vocational rehabilitation office in your area, you may be able to find local programs that can help you by providing on the job training and other means of assistance that will help you to get back on track.

Rehab support services such as job placement may work with employers directly and already have a list of employers who are ready to hire people just like yourself. Drug or alcohol addiction, the plight that comes during the fight to recover and the many hazards of the addiction do not have to carry forward with you every single day, every step of the way. Job placement from a rehab support specialist is one option for getting back on your feet.

It’s Not Everything—But it’s a Start

It’s important to remember that sometimes, when addiction is an issue, you’ll have to start back at the bottom. What this means is that many recovering addicts leave treatment with the idea that they will be able to get back their old job, be back on top of the ladder and not have to work their way up. While this is a possibility in some cases, the majority will realize that in order to get back into the corporate world after addiction, it will take time and effort and in many cases, you’ll have to start back at the bottom and work your way to the top. We’ve all had to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder at some point, the most important thing to remember is that you are doing it—you are doing it right—and your are doing it sober!

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