Alcohol Support Groups

members of an AA meetingAlcoholism is a progressive and potentially fatal disease that requires professional help and support in order to get well. Many rehab programs provide support but once the rehabilitation process is complete, what do you do? Most alcoholics who are in recovery find that their best chance at staying sober and maintaining their abstinence from alcohol is to attend regular alcohol support groups for peer support and help.

Many groups are available including both community based support and online programs.

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Community Support Groups for Alcoholics

The most widely used alcohol support group which can be found in nearly every community around the United States as well as in nearly 40 countries worldwide is Alcoholics Anonymous. This program uses a series of 12-steps that incorporate religion, sponsorship, acceptance of the disease and regular involvement with attempting to help others as part of the program. Also known as AA, this support group is widely found in most communities.

A quick search on the site can lead to many of the Alcoholics Anonymous support groups that are located in each community. These groups are either open or closed. Open groups mean that anyone interested in trying to quit drinking as well as others are welcome to attend the meeting. These meetings tend to be more generally focused and do not delve quite as deeply into the private lives of the members of the group. Closed meetings are open ONLY to those who have made the commitment to staying sober and ridding their lives of alcohol. These groups are not open to those who still drink but wish to learn more about the program itself.

Online Alcohol Support Groups

Many people travel, have limited mobility or cannot make regular group meetings. For those who wish to quit drinking or who have already quit and simply need some peer support there are online alcohol support group options. These programs have become a new method of finding help, making friends online and building supportive relationships with others who are also in recovery from alcoholism.

Many people who attend AA meetings in person regularly also spend some time interacting with others and offering or seeking support in online alcohol support groups. These groups provide a community of others who are also struggling with cravings or the urge to drink, have suffered consequences related to alcohol and are doing their best to stay sober.

It doesn’t matter where you find support, it’s all about how you make the effort to get the support that you need to stay sober. Alcohol support groups are available in so many different forms and you may find that it takes trying a few different methods out before you find a group that works well for you. Take time, try various options and allow recovery from alcohol addiction to be a part of your life.

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