Support Groups Online

support groups onlineFor those who cannot access outside support or for those who would rather not attend a group setting in person, online support groups provide a relatively new but relatively popular method of getting help. There are now many options for patients to find support for drug or alcohol addiction online including various anonymous groups and forums where addiction support is available. There are even online support groups for parents, teens, and the family members of those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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How Online Support Groups Work

Online support groups usually work much like a standard group in which you would attend in person. The primary difference is that there are no scheduled meeting times and you can talk with anyone who happens to be online at the time and is in your group. Some programs allow for individual groups to be made while others allow open access to all members of the forum or group setting–this is a setting that will differ from one program to the next.

Once online, you can use an anonymous name so that your information is not leaked to others who you may not want to know about your addiction or your struggles with a loved one’s addiction. Sometimes, online support groups are the chosen method of support simply because of the ease of access and the privacy that these groups afford to those who do not wish to disclose their problems with others in the community.

Benefits of Support Groups Online

The benefits of finding support online differ from one person to the next but typically include things related to convenience and the ability to keep private. Online support groups do not require you to disclose who you are or the real details of your life. You could easily act as a fictitious individual and never even disclose your personal information which means that nobody in your neighborhood, your work, your class or even your home would know about the support questions or answers that you are providing.

Many people also like the benefit of being able to talk to others at any time of day. Let’s face it, sometimes the urge to use drugs or alcohol hits at the weirdest times such as at 3am when there isn’t any community support group offered. Then what? Do you wait and do your best to control the urge? This often ends in relapse–but not when there is immediate access to support online that can help. Simply login, access others who are online and discuss your craving. Chances are (and there’s very good chances) you are not the only person online at 3 am looking for support so that you don’t take the drink that you were thinking about.

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