Counseling & Therapy

Counseling sessionsMany rehab support services pride their programs on the counseling and therapy that is provided to patients. Long after rehab in an inpatient or residential facility has been completed, counseling and therapy will commence for some patients to ensure that they stay sober, don’t fall back into the perils of addiction and do what they can to stay on the right path to recovery.

Various forms of counseling and therapy are offered in rehab support and most of the time they are similar to those programs offered in both inpatient and outpatient programs.

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Individual Counseling

All patients will be required to attend individual counseling sessions to ensure that they are on the right path and that they are following their treatment plan. Sometimes, individual counseling will only take place once a week or so while in more severe cases or where serious mental illness is involved, counseling with an individual therapist may take place bi-weekly or more often than that as needed. The number of counseling sessions that you have with your therapist on an individual basis will depend on a number of factors and in most cases, you will be allowed to schedule additional sessions if you find a need for someone to talk to in private.

Group Counseling

Rehab programs use group counseling to get patients together with their peers and discuss their addiction, their recovery, their goals, their success and of course their downfalls. The point here is to bring together a group and get them to realize that there are others who are in the same or similar boat. Sometimes, group counseling is the best way for an addict to realize that he or she is not alone, that others are fighting the same battle or have fought the same battle with addiction and that they have in fact won! Group counseling is moderated to keep all members on topic, to protect the group from rude comments and to promote interaction amongst all members.


Most of the time, behavioral therapy is the primary method of treatment used in drug and alcohol rehab. There are multiple different types of behavioral therapy including CBT and motivational incentives. These are two very common methods of therapy that are used in rehab to support behavioral change and to promote growth for the patient to stop using, stop craving and be rewarded for their good or positive behaviors. The type or types of therapy that are used will depend on the patient as well as various other factors.

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