Support Groups

support groupsWhen a patient enters rehab or decides to choose support outside of rehab, he or she has many options for support available to choose from. Many different support groups exist to provide access to those who need help for alcohol addiction, substance abuse, and even for the family members or loved ones who are suffering as a result of a loved one’s addiction.

How Support Groups Help

Support groups can help in many different ways. For the addict, sometimes peer support is the best means of keeping the strength to say no to drugs or alcohol and getting past an instance of wanting to use. Relapse is a very common factor during treatment but studies show that those who have adequate support and who utilize support groups to their fullest extent are more likely to stay sober and to remain abstinent from drug or alcohol abuse for a very long time.

Online Support Groups

Support groups can be found online, in communities, and in treatment facilities nationwide.

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Online support groups are a relatively new practice but a very helpful way for addicts and those who require support to come together in a private setting and get the help that they need. Online support groups in the form or forums or other similar forms are great for those who do not wish to go to a program or for those who cannot attend an in-person support group due to time constraints, scheduling constraints or other problems. In fact, online support groups allow those in recovery to instantly access support at any time of the day or night and get immediate support—this can be highly beneficial at helping such individuals to prevent relapse.

Alcohol Support Groups

Probably the most common of all support groups is Alcoholics Anonymous, the support group known to help those who are addicted to alcohol. In Alcoholics Anonymous, people are able to come together, talk about their alcoholism or their recovery from alcoholism with others who are in similar situations and build a family like relationship. These groups take care of one another and provide help for other members of the group as needed. It’s not uncommon for members of AA to provide transportation to one another in order to get to the group or to have after group events such as barbeques or other events that get the group together for some alcohol free fun.

Substance Abuse Support Groups

Similar to AA, there are also a number of Anonymous substance abuse support groups such as NA, CA and MA. Narcotics Anonymous is the second most widely known support group for drugs or alcohol just behind the AA group. All o f these groups use twelve step treatment methods that include sponsoring each other and accepting God or a higher power for help. Additionally, substance abuse support groups provide members with ease of access to the peer support necessary to ensure the greatest possible chance of staying sober.

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